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Access Mobility 24’s Industry-Leading Approach

The Beacon landscape is evolving and it is clear that Access Mobility 24 has a very clear competitive advantage. The advantage is in our approach. There are multiple manufacturers of Beacon Hardware in the marketplace. At this time we have developed our foundational APP and Campaign Management System to communicate with Gimbal (the Qualcomm Beacon). The reality is we are Beacon Agnostic and can integrate into any Beacon Hardware. We have also integrated Geofencing and Augmented Reality into our Campaign Management System rounding out a full digital platform for marketers to reach consumers out of store, on premise with beacons and stimulate P.O.P. promotion interaction with Augmented Reality. Access Mobility 24 is the only company in the country to integrate all 3 of these features to our knowledge.

The Beacon is nothing more than a delivery device to push a message to the APP on the Smartphone. The key to success is the Campaign Management System. This is the engine that will make content available so the Beacons can deliver the right message at the right time.

What we also call the anatomy of a notification or offer is also critical. This is another competitive difference that Access Mobility 24 delivers. Each of our push notifications allows for not only a text notification, but a Graphic with Text, when taped we deliver another graphic, a link-out to a website, the ability to call a Video, share on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) and email, and add coupon redemption if desired. We also have a whisper mode so the consumer can silence the notification but still receive the offers.

The ability to deliver the content is critical but to deliver it in a way that will drive a retailers business is even more important. The strategic approach should not be overlooked. We believe that the Campaign Management System should allow for DAY PART distribution. The retailer should be able to preload offers by day part. For example a C-Store can serve a 5 am to 8 am breakfast offer and a 9 am to 11 am mid-morning snack etc. A typical Beacon is designed to allow for one offer at a time delivery. Having an intelligent Campaign Management System will not only allow for more offers per day per Beacon but it will allow for more testing and more participation from suppliers at relevant times based on their product offering.

We have also built out the analytics of what content is being acted upon, where it is being acted upon, when it is being acted upon and by whom it is being acted upon. In phase 2 we will be able to override the Beacon Notification and deliver a personalized offer to the consumer based on his previous purchase behaviors if we are integrated within the retailers loyalty program and P.O.S system.

Our Geofencing and Augmented Reality executions share the same anatomy and analytics tracking the same as the Beacon.

Our Campaign Management System is designed to allow the customer to upload and manage all of their own content providing complete flexibility to test various offers and communications in real-time.

As Apps proliferate there are still 2 types of retailers. Those with an existing App install base and those that have not yet got on board with the App craze. When a retailers has an App we will integrate our feature set into their existing App, tie in their Loyalty Program and P.O.S. and for those without an App our engine is very affordable to white label and allow the retailer to provide an App to their customer base very affordably and start delivering offers within weeks.

We have also addressed the operational execution challenges that come along with distributing hardware with a set process in the event the retailer does not have the means to execute and manage the distribution of the Beacons. We have a 7500 sqft warehouse to store, assign and distribute the Beacons. This service is available to all customers regardless of who purchases the Beacons.